The Fundraiser

Created back in July 2002 for Bratz World starring all kinds of dolls and toys!

Miette wants to raise money for the local animal shelter. She opened her small bake shop and has high hopes for a good day

It may be small but she can can make very large cakes.. and lots of little sweet things to

She arrived early in the morning and started to make all kinds of wonderful treats. Little Kogepans wanted to help but they always burn the bread so she asks them to just watch

After she was done she took a break and had some breakfast. Watching her work so hard has tired out her little friends. She hopes she can raise enough money and is just a little worried.. then she heard a rumbling sound.

Jade pulled up behind the wheel of her Mobile Ice cream shop called the Kool Kat Cafe.

When Cloe complained she never saw her friend anymore Jade said- "So come and work with me!", and sure enough, Cloe was with her.

The Kool Kat Cafe had a place to sit and talk..

It had Ice Cream and food.

Even a jukebox with lots of great music.

Cloe and Jade set up ready to help Miette raise money for the Animal Shelter.

Miette smiled at all the stuff in their truck cab- Jade told her they pretty much lived in the truck when they toured the country.

The day was great and got even better when late in the afternoon the models known collectively as the "Lollipops" arrived from a music video shoot. Cassie and Pipi had a hard time deciding what they wanted- it all looked sooo good.

Bebe's cell phone kept ringing and she joked she'd have Miette bake it into a pie. Cissy was glad to get off her feet.

And Bake Miette did! Her shelves empitied quickly and she baked new batches of almost everything. She was glad for the little bit of help she got..

Even though it really was a LITTLE help.

Everybody loved what Miette baked.

Brigette and Lulu loved the things from the Kool Kat Cafe too. Everybody had to have something from the Cafe.

Cloe and Jade smiled when their friend Meygan arrived to help everybody out. She had been at the shelter and watched over all the creatures who came to the fund raiser. Many were looking for homes.

She noticed how busy they were and smiled because she knew it meant money to help the shelter.

Many pups had gathered at the Kool Kat Cafe!

When evening came The Lollipops got up to go. They had a wonderful time and they invited everybody back to their boat. Brigette snapped a picture.

Jade Meygan and Miette waved and said thank you very much. They would come to the boat when they had cleaned up. The Lollipops had turned a good day into a great day. They even adopted all of the pets that came to the fund raiser.

Cloe waved goodbye too. She could not go because she had to take her baby sister to summer camp the next day. Lulu offered to drive them up that night since she and Bebe had a modeling shoot in the country near her cabin.

Everyone celebrated over all the money they made. It would help the shelter a lot.

The Lollipops shared a boat in the harbor. It was a cute little cruise ship.

It had food, a juice bar and a jacuzzi.

Jade was the last to arrive, and the party was in full swing.

Miette was inventing fun smoothies and juice mixes.

Cassie had a small funky boom box and she played a song and it made all the Lollies laugh. It was the song to the video they had shot earlier that day and they remembered the fun they had doing it.

The Lollipops said the directors of the video were there - and Jade called out a big happy hello to Yasmin and Sasha. Even though the night air was a little chilly they braved the jacuzzi in their bathing suits.

Meygan loved watching Brigette as she piloted the ship on a short scenic cruise around the harbor and under the bridges. Brigette was very good at it.

Brigette loved the sound of the water rushing by and the scent of the sea air.

Everybody giggled when they saw her little co-pilots. Everyone was having a wonderful time.

Cloe and her baby sister were excited to see the country cabin of a world famous model. They were surprised that it was just like a regular girl's place and smiled.

There were extra beds for guests.

Bebe kicked off her boots and relaxed with a cup of tea.

Some of the pups Bebe and Lulu adopted were shy and playfully hid under the bed. Everybody hoped they wouldn't chew on the shoes!

Lulu checked mail that had arrived while she was away.

Even a famous model complained about her bills.

Cloe took her baby sister Chelsea to the bathroom to give her a bath.

Chelsea loved watching the bath water get bubbly and warm.

Cloe helped her wash her hair

Chelsea fell asleep right away but the rest of the girls talked and talked. They laughed when some of the pups jumped up on their beds.

Cloe joked she had a messy closet too and they all laughed again. Lulu said usually she was better about putting her clothes away and Bebe acted surprised with a fun look on her face.

Eventually Cloe fell asleep too.

Lulu and Bebe say Good Night!

Good night everybody!

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